Noiseborder’s Subatomic Time

Noiseborder’s Subatomic Time

In Spring 2012 I documented Noiseborder’s performance of Subatomic Time and created two pieces about the work, one a documentary of the performance, performers and process and the other an edited filmic performance film.

  • Making Subatomic Time
  • Subatomic Time (Performance Film)

About the Performance Piece

Subatomic Time (2010-2012) is a 35-minute performance piece featuring solo percussionist Nicholas Papador, live audio processing, and live video mixing of the work of Brent Lee and Sigi Torinus, respectively. The piece is in seven sections, several of which were premiered in November 2010. The title of the piece reflects the central notion of extremes of spatial and temporal scale; parallels are drawn between camera-related techniques (zoom, focus, pan, colour saturation) and audio processing (amplification, reverberation and filtering, spatialization, spectral manipulations). Aural and visual material is presented sometimes in parallel, sometimes in counterpoint, and sometimes heterophonically. The complete Subatomic Time was also presented at the Percussive Arts Society International Conference in Austin, Texas in November 2012.

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