Directors’ Statement

Metazombie was not the film I set out to make.

When I met the main character in MetaZombie she was working in a government office and dying to break into the film industry. She was a funny, charming, middle-aged aboriginal woman with a head full of Oprah patented aphorisms, a passion for movies, and a film degree that had collected dust as she took jobs that did not fulfill her but paid the rent for her and her son. I proposed to help her make a short film if I could make a documentary about the process. I conceived this as a feminist film about following one’s dreams and second chances. The result was something totally different, instead it is a zombie film within a zombie film. Metazombie reveals all that zombie flicks and the filmmaking process have in common and how they both offer succinct reflections on our struggles over identity and meaning in our lives.

view of bridge

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