Talking to the venerable Robert Rosenstone

There are many virulent debates in the fields of film and history but one thing everyone agrees upon is that Robert Rosenstone is its key scholar. It was an extreme privilege to jet over to LA with Australian "Screened History" scholar Mia Treacey and Live Doc Project team member, grad student, and creative/techno w√ľnderkind Alysha Baker to interview Robert Rosenstone this summer. He is as brilliant, charming, and incisive in person - and on screen - as he is on the page. An initial outcome is this 10 minute video that was presented at the plenary panel of the Film & History 2018 conference, which also featured talks by Mia Treacey, Alison Landsberg, Robert Burgoyne, and me, Kim Nelson.

Watch the 10 minute video here!

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