From Voice-of-God to Ringmaster


Kim Talks about Live Interactive Documentary

The conference proceedings from the Society of Artistic Research Conference "Artistic Research Will Eat Itself" Plymouth 2018 is available now. My essay "From Voice-of God to Ringmaster: Live Participatory Documentary and the Imperative to Create Reflexive, Collaborative, Multiperspectival Histories" startsĀ on page 370. The proceedings are loaded with intriguing essays, arresting images and ideas from a conference packed with interesting people - and lecture performances that I consider a close cousin to Live Interactive Documentary. Or as I was calling it up until a few months ago, Live Participatory Documentary, a syllable-intensive term less easy to roll off the tongue. But a rose by any other name...


The super-cool artwork commissioned by the conference and the images from some of the talk/events/lecture-performances are well worth seeing.

Check it out here!

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